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About Us

The FIRE is a non-profit track and field and cross country club for boys and girls ages 6-18, located in Fishers, IN. The Club is affiliated with SPORTS (Southeastern Program Of Recreational Team Sports) and presents a unique training program for the local youth. The Club's main objective is to foster a positive, fun, and supportive atmosphere for training and athletic growth. The Club coaches offer instruction that is suited to all levels of ability and experience.  While training for a goal or competition are always encouraged, promoting an active lifestyle and social involvement in sports among our youth stands as a priority.  The FIRE offers two sessions each year: Spring Track & Field (April-July) with registration from January until May and Fall Cross Country (September-December) with registration in May until November. Within every session, athletes go through a well-structured training schedule and have an opportunity to compete in their age divisions at local events (Indiana Youth Track Association a/k/a IYTA ), as well as state, regional and national USA Track & Field (USATF) Junior Olympic and Youth Enduro Sports (YES) sanctioned events. Although encouraged, attendance of every single practice is not mandatory, and participation in meets is voluntary.



The Fishers Fire Track & Field and Cross Country club was created in 2008 under the Southeastern Program Of Recreational Team Sports in Fishers, IN.  The program is open to any family that resides in the Hamilton Southeastern School district.  

Since its creation, The Fire is the biggest youth track & field and cross country program in the State of Indiana.

The Fire has produced 22 ALL AMERICAN YOUTH ATHLETES who have earned 36 All AMERICAN HONORS in both Track & Field and Cross Country.  Additionally, The Fire has had many state and regional champion individuals and teams at all age levels.   

In 2014 and 2015 The Fire 9&10 yr old boys cross country team finished 5th in Nation at the Coaches Cross Country National meet.


Track and Field: Mid April through mid to late June.  Regional and National meets generally occur in July; however, the athlete must qualify by competing in the state competitions.

Cross Country: Early/mid September through mid November.  Regional and National meets generally occur in late November and mid December; however, the athlete must qualify by competing in the state competitions.

Track 2016******First practice April 16th at 9:00 am!

Cross Country 2016*****First practice September 10th at 9 am.

Where & Practice Time

All practices (Track and Cross Country) are held at Riverside Jr. High/Intermediate School located at 10910 Eller Rd. Fishers, IN 46038unless otherwise notified. Practice is every Monday and Thursday 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm and Saturday 9:00 am  to 10:15 am.  (During track season only, K-2 grade practice Saturday's only for the first 3 weeks of the season from 8:30 am to 9:15 am.  After week 3 of the track season they will join the regular practice schedule.)


Track and Field events:

Sprints(100m,200m), Middle Distance(400m,800m), Distance(1500m,3000m), Relays(4x100,4x400), Throws (discus, shot, javelin), Jumps(high, long, triple), pole vault and hurdles (80/100/110/200/400).  Special Training in triple jump and pole vault available through affiliated clubs.  Some events are not offered to or are modified for the younger age groups.

Cross Country events:

8 & under        2000 meters (aprox.1.25 miles)
9 & 10 yr olds  3000 meters (aprox.1.86 miles)
11 & 12 yr olds 3000 meters (aprox.1.86 miles)
13 & 14 yr olds 4000 meters (aprox.2.5 miles)
15 & 16 yr olds 5000 meters (aprox.3.1 miles)
17 & 18 yr olds 5000 meters (aprox.3.1 miles)


USATF Age Groups

The Fire follows the USATF rules and regulations regarding age group participation. 
8 & under (2008 +)         
9 & 10 yr olds (2006-2007)
11 & 12 yr olds (2004-2005) 
13 & 14 yr olds (2002-2003)  
15 & 16 yr olds (2000-2001)  
17 & 18 yr olds (1998-1999)  
Age is determined as of December 31.  At times it can get confusing for the kids as they see classmates in their same grade level compete in a different age group.  Just remember its based on the childs age on December 31.  Thus, if your child is 8 yrs old and their 9th birthday is December 20th, they must compete at the 9 & 10 yr old age group.  


Track and Field:

K - 2nd Graders-$90.00, Includes Fire T-shirt and participation in Fire/IYTA Sponsored meets.

3rd - 12th Graders, Full Season  $120.00, Includes Fire Uniform and participation in Fire/IYTA Sponsored meets.

7th - 12th Graders Half Season (For those that participate in Jr. High/High school track), $95.00, Includes Fire Uniform and participation in Fire/IYTA Sponsored meets (for athletes who do not participate in Junior High Track, we encourage you to participate at school).

Family Maximum of $230.00

Cross Country

K - 12th Graders  $100  Full Season.  Includes Fire Uniform and participation in Fire Sponsored meets.

7th -12th Graders Half season  $75 (For those that participate in Jr. High/High school XC). Includes Fire Uniform and participation in Fire Sponsored meets (for athletes who do not participate in Junior High, we encourage you to participate at school).

Family Maximum of $180.00

Please note:  Registration for Track begins on January 1st and generally runs through early April.  A $10 late fee is charged if you register after January 31st.  Registration for Cross Country begins on May 1st and generally runs through early September.  A $10 late fee is charged if you register after May 31st.

If you have any questions regarding registration or believe you have missed the deadline, please email us at:

Additional Costs

Athletes will be responsible for all travel costs to and from events, costs to enter non-FIRE sponsored events as well memberships in USATF and YES (Youth Enduro Sports).  The general cost to enter a non-Fire events is $5 to $15 per event and memberships in USATF and Yes are generally $20 per year.

Important dates/Schedule of races/Registration

Cross Country 2016
Uniform Distribution Day:  August 27th Fishers Runners Forum 10 am until 1 pm.
First Practice:  September 10th Riverside Jr. High Cross country course
2016 Cross Country Schedule

September 17  9am  Fire Creek 2000  (Fire athletes only)  @ Riverside  (No need to register, all Fire athletes will be automatically registered to compete.)

September 24  11 am Westfield Classic @ Monon Trail Elementary School (near Grand Park)

October 8       11 am  Fishers Classic  @ Riverside Jr. High school

October 23      2 pm Northside Saints @ Guerin HS

October 29     11 am  Mid West Championships @ Riverside Jr. High 

November 5   12 pm  IYTA Championships @ Monon Trail Elementary School (near Grand Park)

November 12  9 am  USATF State  @ Place TBD

November 19  9 am  USATF Region 7 @ Place TBD

November 19  9 am  YES National  @ Evansville, IN

December 10  9 am  USATF National @ Hoover, AL

Please click on the SCHEDULE tab for more information. Registration information will be made available once it is received.

Join The Fire

Would you like to join the Fire?  Contact the SPORTS office:

12690 Promise Road
Fishers, IN 46038
317-845-5582  Fax: 317-845-5687

Looking for FIRE Spirit Wear?

Weather Line: 845-5582 x 300

Additional Information

Further inquiries can be  made by email at

Parenting Volunteering

Parents will need to contribute 1-2 hours of volunteer work during each of our 2 home meets.  Parents interested in  helping coach or volunteer in any capacity can contact us at  We will provide you all the information you need to be great coach.

Who Can Join The FIRE

All students living in the Fishers or HSE School district.  Registration through

The Indiana Youth Track Association (IYTA) is a conference of youth organizations (The FIRE, Westfield Green Wave, Northside Saints & Body In Training). IYTA sponsors and runs 4 track meets each year.  The Indiana Youth Track Association Track & Field / Cross Country competition is open to ALL individuals and teams